Sunday, November 7, 2010


Moab! And here we are again! I've be here so many times, it's starting to feel like home. This time I'm travelling with my buddy Ghislain.
(Ghislain after is first send of the trip)

(Ghis the nice 5.10 flake across the canyon from Conception)

Two days ago we went to Day Canyon to get on my old project: Conception. I tried the route this last Spring and came painfully close to send the route but then again I ran out of time and had to fly to Yosemite... So now after a day of remembering the sequence, I think I'm ready to SEND. Please send your good vibes so I can get on something else after... Yesterday I belayed Ghis on a couple classic climbs in Kane Creek Canyon. Most people come to this region to climb in Indian Creek. Of course there's more routes over there and you won't be disappointed. ROck is like gold over there... But there's so much good climbing in the canyons around Moab too... and the cool thing is that there's nobody!!! It's so quiet.

(Fitz making sure my jacket stays warm)

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