Sunday, May 23, 2010

Super Glue

OK I have to say it... Whenever I work on a hard finger crack I use Super Glue... It's my little fairy trick... I just glue the tape on my hands and fingers... I thinks it's a great trick and it works... I've used on pretty much all of the hardest finger cracks I've climbed... It prevents the tape from slipping off your finger when you torque them in those little painful jams. It WORKS!... BUT, you have to be really careful when you use the Super Glue... Before yesterday I had never had bad experience with the glue. I had heard stories of people glueing their fingers together or even their lips!!! Well yesterday what happened, I guess had to happen someday... So, I was glueing-taping my fingers while chatting with Sonnie when, without thinking about it, I put the glue tube lid in my mouth (to prevent it from rolling in the dirt)... What I didn't know was that their was some glue that had leaked in the lid... It took a couple seconds to feel the glue in my mouth, on my tongue and teeth... FUCK!!! The glue didn't really stuck on the tongue but it tasted awful... It did stuck on my teeth... And as I'm writing this post (I day later) I still have glue on them... PLEASE Kids don't play with Super Glue at home... It's meant to be used by professionals only...

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