Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jingus Weather in the Valley, let's go to JTree

The weather in the Valley has been super weird (and wet) the last little while... We actually climbed more in Jailhouse than in the Valley... so after dropping Jeff at the airport I wasn't sure I wanted to go back to this wetness... I waited a day in Sacramento to get some rest and go watch Ironman 2. The next day I decided to join my friend Sonnie to go try Stingray in Joshua Tree... The weather there is a little hot but at least it's DRY... It's a pretty cool route!!! And of course it's a finger crack... A little fairy crack... Red C3 and .3/blue C4... It's a old Hidetaka Suzuki route (ah those damn Japs...) and it has not seen a repeat yet... We'll see if we're up the the task... The route was originally rated 13+ but was not confirmed yet... Sonnie broke a KEY foothold in the crux section... I guess it's definitely harder now but we're not sure about the grade... Stay tuned...

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