Friday, May 13, 2011

Long time no see...

(Icing my knee... one of the only activity I could do this winter...)

It’s been a while since my last post. The truth is I injured both of my knees while training/bouldering this winter. Arrg... I hate those fucking heelhooks… I’ve pretty much been away from climbing for 3 months. All I could do during this time was campus boarding and really low intensity biking… About a month and a half ago I resume climbing…The feeling was sooo good. I had never been away from climbing for that long in 17 years… At first it felt weird to climb and I was super scared of re-injuring myself. But with the help of my friends Isabelle and Guillaume, I was able to readapt very quickly. I’m still limited with some types of moves (like heel hooks and drop knees) but I’ve been feeling pretty good on the rock lately.

(climbing at Weir)

I spent most of April climbing at Weir, climbing long pitches preparing for my Spring trip in Yosemite. I'm gonna use this trip to climb some long free routes hoping to get fitter for the upcoming Summer and Fall seasons.

Also in the news this Spring, is my new partnership with Rab ( I’m really excited to be a member of Rab’s climbing team. These guys have been making incredible outerwear for 30 years. The gear is designed by and for climbers and it shows. It’s really functional and well thought.

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