Wednesday, October 6, 2010


(my new hero, Bernard Poisson -note the chest harness that he used for the FA Le Toit de Ben-)

I spent a lot of time in Val-David over the years and met a lot of great people at the crags there. 2 days a go I met one of Canadian Climbing Pionneers, Bernard Poisson, at Mont King. He is my new hero! At 79 years old, Bernard still comes to Mt King to get his rock climbing fix... Imagine he has been climbing for more than 50 years...
(2010... Bernard climbing at Mont King in Val-David, at 79 he still climb regularly )

In 1958 he did the first ascent of the infamous Le Toit de Ben with wood pegs, pins, hemp rope and cordelettes. Oh and they didn't have harnesses at the time, so he was tying in with an homemade chest-harness..
(Bernard in the making of Le Toit the Ben, circa 1958 -with some original wood pegs-)

(Bernard at the lip of Le Toit de Ben)

(me posing down for the camera in Le Toit de Ben, 52 years after the FA)

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