Sunday, May 9, 2010

These 3 wonders are my secret weapons for crack climbing... I've been wearing the Copperheads on everything from Rattly finger (.5/purple Camalot) to anything bigger. Once they break in they are perfect for ring-locks size splitters (.75/green Camalot). I use the Moccassyms with wool socks on the easier/warm-up cracks. And I usually save the Anasazi VSC (note the Stealth Paint Job on the toe box) for the thin finger cracks. I love the precision of the VCS because I edge the side of the cracks when the crack is too small for my toes to fit in... On Conception, since the crack leans to the left, I was wearing a VCS on my left foot and a Copperhead on the right... That way I could edge on the left side and jam with the other... On my next post, I'll show you my "TRAD-MODIFIED" Anasazi Verde, that I've been wearing in Yosemite Valley... They are just amazing!

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