Sunday, November 21, 2010

Master Blaster

The last couple days have been crazy. Betweendriving my friend to the airport, picking up another friend, walking the strip in Vegas and the rain, I was able to squeeze-in a couple burns on Master Blaster in Zion. I had wanted to check out this route for a while. Actually, even before the route was freed by Ben Gilkinson a couple years ago, Didier Berthod (who tried to do the FFA) had told me about the route and since then I had always kept it in the back of my mind. My friend Sonnie made short work of the route last year and told me it would suit me well... Well it definitely did, because I sent it on my 3rd go. The route is pretty cool. It starts with a 15 meters 5.11+ finger crack to a decent rest to the 2 meters roof crux. The roof part is pretty hard and bouldery. You need to use a weird combination of ringlocks and super-super-thin-hands. For folks with big hands it would be ringlocks only (i.e. harder and more painful)... Right at the lip you do a short deadpoint to a really sandy jug, then heel hook and then it's pretty much in the bag... unless you break a hold...

You can watch Sonnie sending here:

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